The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) is the largest professional association for corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability decision-makers. We are dedicated to empowering our members to advance environmental stewardship, create safe and healthy workplaces, and promote global sustainability.
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Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight

Get to know our members. Every month we profile a different member who helps make our community so unique. Explore the links below to learn more about our network of engaged EHS and Sustainability professionals.

Tomira Eason

Corporate Health & Safety Assurance Manager

Cheniere Energy Inc.

I joined NAEM to ADVANCE, INVEST and BUILD- Advance my knowledge of the many aspects in HSE industry, invest my time in an organization that has extraordinary programming focused specifically on HSE and build relationships with other HSE professionals to create mutually beneficial opportunities as peers to leverage our talents to stay abreast of industry changes that affect our careers.

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Doriana Allyn

EH&S Senior Manager

Brother International Corp.

I joined NAEM because it seemed to be the perfect place to network with other EHS professionals to enhance our existing programs and learn from some of the best people in the business.

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Lawrence J. Gelb

Director of EHS Americas

Pall Corp.

I joined NAEM to build my professional network, stay informed of industry best practice, and share my own experience and knowledge.

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Dan Taylor

Environmental Project Manager

Archer Daniels Midland Co..

I joined NAEM to network with other environmental managers and to have access to continuing education opportunities and other resources offered by NAEM.

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Christy Confar

EHS&S Manager, Environmental Programs

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

I joined NAEM because I am hoping to connect with other EHS&S professionals to expand my network and broaden my understanding of EHS&S.

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Dennis J. Hu

Director EHS and Systems Safety Engineering

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

I joined NAEM to engage with a community of EHS and Sustainability (EHSS) professionals and to look for opportunities to collaborate across industries. The available research, data and learning and information sharing events offered by NAEM is valuable to me as an EHSS professional.

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Elise Allen

Radiation Safety Officer/Senior Environmental Technician

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

What I most like about my job is the training and working with the facility staffs. Across the years I have been at the District, I am gratified to observe the changed behaviors (to the positive) and watching employees taking ownership of their plant's waste management oversight.

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Nicholas Brunson

Director of Loss Control & Sustainability

Dixie Chemical Co.

I joined NAEM because I believe the resources, programs, events and several other aspects of the association are great tools to continue my EHS knowledge and sustainability.

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K-M. Denyse Jones, REM, CESM

Environmental, Health, & Safety Systems Manager

Lhoist North America

I joined NAEM to meet new professionals in the hopes of broadening my network. I am a life-long student by nature, and I find it exciting to have the ability to learn and share with new people.

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Timothy James Glen

Global EHS Manager

Agilent Technologies Inc.

I joined NAEM because it provides an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of Environment, Health, and Safety and Sustainability by associating with peers and service providers in the field.

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Elliot Levine

Environmental Engineer

Genentech Inc.

I joined NAEM because it provides an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of Environment, Health, and Safety and Sustainability by associating with peers and service providers in the field.

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Hannah Randall

General Manager, EHS Risk, Governance, & Change Management

Duke Energy Corp.

I joined NAEM because it provides not only an effective way to keep current on developments but to get exposure to new perspectives. That's particularly important to help avoid industry-specific blinders that can limit creativity and effectiveness. I'm looking forward to expanding this to our entire team with GLOBALFOUNDRIES joining as a corporate member.

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Steve Groseclose

Senior Director of Risk Management, Sustainability & Real Estate


I joined NAEM because it provides not only an effective way to keep current on developments but to get exposure to new perspectives. That's particularly important to help avoid industry-specific blinders that can limit creativity and effectiveness. I'm looking forward to expanding this to our entire team with GLOBALFOUNDRIES joining as a corporate member.

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Rodney Canada

Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability

CP Kelco U.S. Inc.

I like EHS because of the mix of technical and people issues it entails. It is never boring. There is always a new challenge as we continually look to improve the physical design while at the same time working with the human side. There is also the personal satisfaction of knowing that what I do translates to less people in our company being hurt or a reduced environmental footprint for our organization.

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Jim Cline

Director of EHS, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability

Cardinal Health Inc.

I joined NAEM because throughout my career I have been a lifelong learner and very passionate about making positive change in the organizations I have had the privilege to serve. NAEM’s core values of knowledge-sharing, continuous improvement, and being a learning organization aligns with my personal career values.

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Michael Lloyd

Director of EHS & Sustainability

Huber Engineered Woods LLC

I joined NAEM because it enables me to build a network of fellow professionals and I get to check in on a number of fronts such as the Forum, webinars, or workshops on relevant topics to learn something I didn’t know or confirm I am on the right track.

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Elizabeth Parades

Manager of Corporate EHS Audits

CF Industries Inc.

The career accomplishment I'm most proud of is obtaining my professional certifications and the improvements I've made to the audit program.

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Dale A. Rice, P.E.

Applications Engineer

VSP Technologies

I attended a number of NAEM Forums in the past, when I was still working on the consulting side. With my role now as an environmental engineer for a light manufacturing company, I am interested in connecting with others who are addressing similar challenges with integrating sustainable practices in a small company.

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Jeff Sexten

Manager of Environmental Compliance

Con-way Freight Inc.

I initially joined NAEM to learn about trends in environmental data from other peers. Since becoming a member I have been able to attend a number of webinars and gain valuable insight to developing benchmarking metrics and tools to track.

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Hal Ehrhardt

Senior Manager of Energy, Environment and Common Systems within Corporate Energy, Environment, Safety & Health

Lockheed Martin Corp.

I joined NAEM bacause I enjoyed the format and size of the Forum and soon became the focal point within Lockheed Martin for encouraging NAEM participation.

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Larry Deeney

Senior Technical Leader of Global Environment

General Mills Inc.

The environment has seen an increasing role in the business strategy of corporations throughout the world. It’s exciting being involved in discussions that not only can help the company succeed but can also make the world a better place.

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Denny Noel

Director, Alamo Group Employee Safety and Environmental Compliance

Alamo Group Inc.

Much of my current time is being spent in initiating safety training and programs to improve the safety culture as well as establishing lean practices at these facilities.

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Erik Petrovskis

Director of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability

Meijer Inc.

I joined to learn, to network with my peers and to benchmark my organization.

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Nicole Wilkinson

Senior Manager - Corporate Environmental

CVS Caremark

I joined NAEM for the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other Environmental Professionals. NAEM has an impressive membership of EHS leaders from various sectors with extensive knowledge and experience.

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Minda Sarmiento

Project Manager

CB&I Co.

The career accomplishment that I am most proud of is getting my Professional Engineer's License after being out of school for more than 20 years.

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Brian Holmes

Director, Environmental Management System

Santee Cooper

I joined NAEM because I wanted to have the opportunity to chat with very smart folks doing what I’m doing in other companies.

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Ryan McMullan

EHS Programs Administrator

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.

I joined NAEM because I wanted to have the opportunity to chat with very smart folks doing what I’m doing in other companies.

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Rachael Weiskind

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Smith & Wesson Corp.

I joined NAEM because it's a well-respected organization and affords the opportunity to stay abreast of emerging environmental topics as well as regulatory trends.

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James Hannaford

Environmental Protection and Safety student

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

I joined NAEM during my junior year of college because of its vast networking opportunities. In addition, I thought the NAEM would be a great opportunity to learn about where industry is heading and how I can apply my schooling to solve those problems

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Steve Meyers

Senior Director of Global Environmental, Health & Safety

Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc.

I joined NAEM due to its excellent reputation. I thought that NAEM would provide some good networking and learning opportunities for me when I first joined Quintiles more than five years ago. As a previous career consultant, the perspective of a group of EHS professionals from industry was important to me. I also knew that Sustainability/CSR reporting was becoming an important topic for our stakeholders, so I needed to learn as much about it as possible.

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Mike McGuire

Deere & Co.

My favorite part about being an EHS leader is seeing the environmental achievements that our professionals are making in our factories.

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Fawn Bergen

Global Environmental Program Leader

AMCOL International Corp.

I am currently working to improve our global environmental program. My focus over the next year is to develop new and improve existing guidance, systems, tools, and local and regional programs to achieve our goal of a world-class environmental program. This includes sustainability, environmental compliance, systems for measuring success (metrics and KPIs), as well as integrating our environmental culture through all of our operations and business units.

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Bruce Klafter

Senior Director of EH&S

Flextronics International Ltd.

I joined NAEM because it is one of the most effective organizations in this space. You get a lot of things you can bring back into your job and improve what you're working on. It's also very focused with a high caliber of members.

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Martin Wolf

Director of Product Sustainability and Authenticity

Seventh Generation Inc.

I like almost everything about my job! I work with an amazing group of intelligent, caring, and committed individuals in an organization with a strong commercial and social mission, in a LEED-Gold facility with views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. Most amazingly, I can look back and see changes in our industry that made it more sustainable!

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Lori Smargiassi

Staff Environment, Health and Safety Engineer

Lockheed Martin Corp.

I joined NAEM to take advantage of the opportunities that a large association of my peers can offer such as networking, seminars and conferences. This allows me to enhance my understanding of technical subjects and gain valuable lessons learned from others in the ESH field.

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Kimberly Jackson

EHS Director of US Operations

Spectra Energy Corp.

I love management systems. If you have a well-structured management system and it is effectively working, then you are always finding ways to improve and get better. But I love the systematic approach of managing EHS and the connectively of the elements of the management system and how it drives performance in a positive direction.

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Peter Mutschler

EHS Director, Country Operations Division

CHS Inc.

The advice I have for someone entering the EHS field today is to keep an open mind. I see way to many young EHS professionals coming into the field with outdated knowledge. Also, take the time to get to know the business you are working on. Knowing why things are done the way they are is a great way to start improving them.

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Morgan Pinney

EHS Officer

Citrix Online

"I joined NAEM to get some exposure to people in my field; I am relatively new to this position and was very excited to find this organization. "

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Wayne Marr

Principal Manager, Health Safety and Environment

KBR Industrial Canada

"I joined NAEM because as the global emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability continues to grow, the traditional field of health and safety needs to grow with it by incorporating best practices. My knowledge base is limited from an environmental perspective; I want to learn more."

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Steve Kooy

Global Sustainability Manager

Haworth Inc.

"I joined NAEM to build my network of EHS and Sustainability professionals. I specifically wanted to find a network of professionals that focused on the technical and/or practical implementation of emerging trends."

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Julie Smoak

Environmental Manager

Toyota Tsusho America Inc.

"I joined NAEM because I am transitioning to the private sector after having worked in civil service for 18 years, and was looking for ways to accelerate my learning curve."

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Bryan Newton

Global EHS Manager

Yahoo! Inc.

"In my mind, the future of EHS holds significantly more opportunities for talented practitioners with a breadth of knowledge across a variety of EHS disciplines and with the “soft skills" to communicate and add business value through EHS in new and creative ways."

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Dirk Berard

Director of EHS

Givaudan SA

"I joined NAEM primarily because of the solid professional engagement in both EHS Management Systems and in Sustainability. While NAEM has long been the premier professional association for those in the environmental field, the organization clearly embraces the important interrelationship of the three disciplines: environmental, health, and safety. Candidly, I should have joined many years ago."

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Shannon Tyndall-Mundy

North America Environmental Manager


"I love the environmental project opportunities and the diversity in the projects that I work on. Novelis has a strong team of environmental professionals that are driven to achieve the same goal to improve our performance, support the business, as well as protect the environment. The best part about my job is people and working with the team to achieve the same goals that support the overall business strategy."

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Kevin Winston

Director of EHS Programs

PepsiCo Beverage Division

"What I like about my job is working and meeting new people. The job is challenging and always evolving."

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Lauren Barker

EHS Professional IV

Caterpillar Inc.

"What I like about my job is working and meeting new people. The job is challenging and always evolving."

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Joanne C. Jones

Director of Sustainability

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC

"The environmental field is growing into new segments and changing the outlook on conventional wisdoms. NAEM is the perfect place to see what your peers are doing and how their employers are embracing change."

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Brad Waldron

Corporate Manager, Environmental Affairs

Caesars Entertainment Corp.

"In my mind, NAEM has established itself as the organization where people with similar responsibilities can meet and share ideas. It seemed only logical to join and put myself in a position to learn from my peers."

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Eric Kovich

Senior Director, Health Safety Security Environmental

Buckeye Partners L.P.

"[I joined NAEM to] engage with fellow HSSE leaders by sharing best practices, lessons learned, and new ideas with the ultimate goal of increasing the overall value we collectively bring to each of our organizations."

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Tim Woycik

Director, Safety, Health, & Environment

National Grid USA Service Co. Inc.

"I joined NAEM to make connections with a wider community of EHS professionals; to build up my knowledge of issues impacting the EHS field today and tomorrow and to attend programs sponsored by NAEM in New England as well as the U.S."

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Mark Hansen

Director of Portfolio Environmental and Risk Management

Natural Gas Partners Energy Capital Management LLC

"I joined NAEM because "I wanted to network with fellow executive environmental management professionals for strategies, best practices and continuing education to provide the best solution for our portfolio companies."

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Justin Zimmerman

EHS Professional

Caterpillar Inc.

"I am motivated every week by some new idea an employee comes up with, or a new inquiry from a customer or even supplier. I think this demonstrates that people are engaged and they want to see how we can best address sustainability. "

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Johanna Jobin

Sustainability Programs Manager

EMD Millipore

"I am motivated every week by some new idea an employee comes up with, or a new inquiry from a customer or even supplier. I think this demonstrates that people are engaged and they want to see how we can best address sustainability. "

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Julio González

EH&S Programs Manager

Covidien Inc.

"In my current position I have the opportunity to be involved in the development and implementation of policies, systems and strategies to drive the continuous improvement of our EHS and Sustainability programs. That involvement allows me to be part of the driving force for reaching world-class EHS and Sustainability performance."

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Rebecca Zentko

EHS Director

Muir Omni Graphics

"I remember when we began our sustainable journey here at Muir Omni Graphics, I researched sustainability and found a definition that touched me: 'The ability to meet our present needs without endangering the future's ability to meet their needs.' I had recently found out I was to become a grandmother for the first time and that concept took on a much deeper meaning for me."

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Allen Stegman

General Director Environmental and Hazardous Materials

BNSF Railway Co.

"I have been involved with NAEM for about 10 years now. I was looking for an organization where I could actively participate as well as one that fosters the sharing of ideas and strategies to ensure greater success in EHS efforts. "

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Laura Ryan

Manager of Energy and Sustainability

City of Pleasanton, Calif.

"Years ago, I attended a NAEM workshop in the South Bay – I don't remember the topic, but what resonated with me is the camaraderie among the members and attendees, and how open and straightforward everyone was about offering assistance and lessons learned. Since that day, I've been an unwavering supporter of NAEM."

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Paul Robbertz

Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment

Tomkins Industrial & Automotive

"The one that fascinates me the most is water. Whether you're talking about fresh water or the ocean, water ultimately has a direct and immediate impact on every living thing. I don't think it's getting the attention it deserves. We're in an era of environmental transformation, but I have concerns about how we prioritize, manage, distribute and protect our water supplies."

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Michelle Redfield

Director of Environment and Process Improvement

Schneider Electric Co.

"I'd say the two biggest challenges are ongoing change in the form of globalization and mergers and acquisitions. Using EHS to achieve superior environment and safety performance across new geographies is important, as is keeping our EHS systems standardized and leveraged as we continue to grow and change."

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Bill Slade

Emerging Issues Specialist

Con Edison Inc.

"The biggest challenge in my current effort is dealing with the uncertainty of regulation and its impact on the cold, hard facts of capital investment. It is extremely challenging to convey the nuances of federal, state and city decision-making to a wide range of internal stakeholders."

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Verne Shortell

Executive Director, Environmental Business

NRG Energy Inc.

"I think one of the things that keeps me going is that I have the best team here at NRG. They're really receptive to different ideas and trying different things, so that keeps me going."

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Joette Bailey-Keown

Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Ball Corp.

"What I like is that people at NAEM dare to think outside the box. NAEM members tend to work for companies that are cutting-edge and their work challenges you to push yourself, too."

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Kris Morico

Global Leader, GE Water Program

General Electric Co.

"I'm driven by tackling new challenges and working with new people. I enjoy projects such as leading our new eco-water goal, for example, or developing a new environmental initiative and then working with teams across the company to achieve results."

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Mario Varela

Director of Corporate EHS

APP Pharmaceuticals LLC

"The biggest challenge has to be accommodating and adapting quickly to the increasing demands on the business. I think this is probably true for most EHS professionals out there and across most, if not all, industries. Nowadays, change is the ‘name of the game' and how successful or painful the final result ends up being is highly dependent on your attitude and approach towards new things."

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Kym Fawcett

Manager of Health, Safety, Environment, Regulatory and Stakeholder Relations

Enerplus Corp.

"I joined NAEM to get a broad industry perspective on health, safety, environment and sustainable development practices that I can use to take our company to the next level-- towards a truly sustainable development culture."

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Doug Fleming

Director of Environment, Health and Safety

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"I truly enjoy working with people whose mission is deeper than the bottom line. I'd like to make a difference in the world and working at LBNL I have a real opportunity to support development of innovations that will change how we all live."

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Stephen Evanoff

Vice President, Global EHS

Danaher Corp.

"I am constantly challenged to stay focused on the "vital few" EHS issues of greatest impact to my corporation. It is easy for us as EHS managers to get involved in a broad variety of issues. In my organization, you're expected to "move the dial" as we like to stay, and that requires a narrow focus."

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